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3 Reasons Your Cell Cultures Are Unhappy

1. You’re Using Variable Quality Serum Supplements

Make sure to check the country of origin of the serum and verify that the product has been tested for optimal functionality and has been characterized for sterility.

2. You’re Adding Unwanted Cholesterol or Lipoproteins

Interference from bovine cholesterol or lipoproteins can alter the dynamics of your cell culture environment.

3. Your Serum Packaging is Suboptimal

Between aliquoting, labeling, thawing, and refreezing your serum, you introduce the potential for error and contamination in your experiment. Using a product packaged in a way that will help you skip any of these steps will save you a headache in the long run.


Kalen Biomedical’s Lipoprotein Depleted Fetal Bovine Serum is tested for growth promotion, plating efficiency, cloning efficiency, and endotoxins. We package our LDFBS in wide-mouth cryovials that allow for easy pouring and pipetting and can withstand freezing without cracking.

We offer sizes as small as 10mL to suit your research environment needs.

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