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About us

Kalen Biomedical aims to provide researchers with high quality products that help provide reliable and consistent results. We want our researchers to spend less time worrying about the validity of their results and more time thinking about their implications. 

Our company is focused on the production of essential products for cardiovascular research. We are located in the Biohealth Capital Region just North of Washington D.C. We are in close proximity to major medical institutes, biotechnology companies, and prominent research universities. 

Our flagship lipoprotein product line is manufactured to exacting standards of quality using tested raw materials. The products are supported by Kalen’s expert research team and are backed by our performance guarantee. Our offering consists of both modified and unmodified lipoproteins. Lipoprotein depleted serum is also offered for customers in North America.

At Kalen Biomedical, we are committed to consistently providing you with products that will meet your research needs. We pride ourselves on being the partner of choice for life science research products.



Management Team:


Kathy Foxx, MS – President

Ms. Foxx has over 25 years experience in managing clinical, GLP/GMP laboratories gained at Borriston Laboratory, National Health Laboratories, FAST Systems, MPI, and Intracel before founding Kalen Biomedical, LLC. She holds a MS degree from The American University.


Maya Gardner - Director of Marketing and Sales

Ms. Gardner has years of experience creating marketing materials, websites, and graphic designs for Kalen Biomedical. She also handles customer accounts and inquiries. She completed her Bachelor's degree in Psychology at the University of Maryland.




M.J. Waxdal, PhD – Chief Science Officer (Dec 1937 – Mar 2015)


We mourn the loss of one of Kalen Biomedical’s founders. M.J. Waxdal (Waxy) had a long and distinguished scientific career. He was a member of many prestigious scientific societies, sought after as an invited speaker, and was widely published. Dr. Waxdal had over 40 years of experience in protein isolation, structure, function and interaction with cells, and GLP/GMP gained at the Rockefeller University, National Institute of Health, FAST Systems, MPI, Intracel and PerImmune BV. He earned his PhD from the University of Washington.

As a post doc, he worked with Dr. Gerald Edelman at the Rockefeller University determining the first complete amino acid sequence of an immunoglobulin molecule. As assistant professor there he also determined the amino acid sequence , X-ray crystallographic structure and mitgenic properties of concanavalin A.

Moving to Dr. William Paul’s lab at NIAIDat the NIH, he studied the biochemical activation of lymphoid cells in humans and mice.  At the onset of the AIDS epidemic, he transferred to the Office of Scientific Director of NIAID to establish a state of the art flow cytometry facility. During the course of coordinating extramural study sites the need for quality control programs became evident.

He founded FAST systems in 1986 and developed quality assessment and proficiency testing for immunophenotyping and DNA analysis by flow cytometry.  Several government contracts were awarded for flow cytometry training and proficiency testing. He expanded the capabilities to include preclinical immunological testing, and eventually sold the company to MPI Research, a preclinical CRO.

After leaving MPI, he joined Intracel Resources, LLC to develop flow cytometry assays for FDA approval of an autologous somatic cell vaccine. He oversaw the technology transfer to the manufacturing plant in The Netherlands.

Most recently, he founded Kalen Biomedical, LLC in 2007, to supply needed quality lipoproteins and other specialty human blood products to the biomedical community.

His curiosity was not limited to the sciences, or rather his scientific curiosity encompassed many topics. His travels took him to all ends of the globe and he bragged of flying a kite at the top of the world on his visit to the North Pole. True to his chemist’s nature he enjoyed explosions and dabbled with pyrotechnics and rocket building. He was an avid shooter, and culinary enthusiast.  After “retirement”, he pursued his dream of getting his pilot’s license. He took great pride in mentoring his business associates. He will be sorely missed by those who had the honor and pleasure to work with him.