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Lipoprotein Depleted Fetal Bovine Serum

Lipoprotein Depleted Fetal Bovine Serum


Currently, This Product Is Only Available in North America

Fetal Bovine Sera is depleted of lipoproteins (d = < 1.25 g/mL) by ultracentrifugation. The serum protein concentration is adjusted to approximately 35.0 mg/mL with Phosphate Buffered Saline (PBS).The product is ultra-filtered through a membrane, packaged aseptically, and frozen.

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Catalog # Size  Price
880100-1 10 mL $138.00
880100-5 50 mL $436.00
880100-2 100 mL $735.00

What is the cholesterol content of the Lipoprotein Depleted Fetal Bovine Serum?

We do not routinely assay for the cholesterol content of our Lipoprotein Depleted Fetal Bovine Serum. Our routine release testing includes the comparison of the starting serum with the depleted serum by agarose gel electrophoresis. We stain the gel with Sudan Black (a lipid stain) and confirm that the lipoproteins are depleted.

To check our depletion process, we have compared one preparation of the starting serum and depleted serum to verify that the cholesterol is indeed reduced. Using the HDL and LDL/VLDL Cholesterol Assay Kit from abcam (ab65390),we found a forty fold reduction.

Here are the results for that assay:

Sample Identification

Cholesterol (mg/mL)

Protein (mg/mL)

Fetal Bovine Serum



Lipoprotein Depleted Fetal Bovine Serum



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