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Human MultiPoint Oxidized LDL Kit

Human MultiPoint Oxidized LDL Kit


Our MulitPoint Oxidized LDL Kit includes 1 vial of our native human LDL, three vials of our oxidized LDL at three different levels of oxidation (low, medium, and high), and a 25mL bottle of buffer. Use this kit to find the proper level of oxidation for your research. 

Note: Lead time is 1 week

Human native LDL (1mg/mL)
Human Low Oxidized LDL (1mg/mL)
Human Medium Oxidized LDL (1mg/mL)
Human High Oxidized LDL (1mg/mL)

KALEN Human LDL (d=1.019 – 1.063 g/mL) is isolated from human plasma by ultracentrifugation. KALEN Human OxLDL is purified human LDL (d=1.019 – 1.063 g/mL), oxidized with copper (II)sulfate, purified, ultrafiltered and packaged aseptically under nitrogen. The product is provided in a solution with 154 mM NaCl and 0.34 uM EDTA,pH 7.2,at a protein concentration of 1 mg/mL. Purity is assessed by agarose gel electrophoresis.

Catalog # Size  Price
790202-7 1 mg Kit $1055.00
790202-4 5 mg Kit $2928.00

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